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Available Projects

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Meeka's Secret

This story is about an insect called Meeka, who has a great relationship with the flower in his heart. One day, a worm touches his wings, a bug’s private part, and Meeka doesn’t know how to face his distress and sadness, so he neglects his flower. Finally, Meeka remembers how to care for his flower and seeks help.

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There are millions of kids on earth!

With fun and joyful illustrations, this book attracts young children and encourages them to value the difference in all people. It's leading the way to a kinder world in which the differences in all of us are embraced.


Who Ate My Dream?

If I Had An Elephant!

lucy's dreams have been eaten by Looloos, creates who hide under the bed and eat children's dreams. She goes after her dreams, and she finds out something magnificent...

This book teaches young kids about moving toward their own original desires and dreams. 

In this hilarious picture book, a boy is having a hard time with her noisy sister. He wishes to get an elephant to partner with him against his sister for his birthday wish, but he doesn't know what will happen!

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